Community Guidelines

Our guidelines are designed to ensure that our community stays protected. They set out what’s allowed and not allowed across our social channels, and apply to all types of content on our platform, including videos, comments, links and thumbnails.

Our social media pages are intended to provide support and create a venue for people to engage with Lumina and its community. On this page, you will see details and updates about new developments within Lumina, interesting news, and events. We welcome your ideas, comments, stories, and dialogue and expect you to appreciate being part of the Lumina community.

Our regular hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm AEST. On weekends and public holidays, you can expect a personal response or answers to your questions within 48 hours.

To help the Lumina community be a place of meaningful conversations and engagement for all, please be aware of this page guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any posts that don’t adhere to our guidelines and remove anyone who doesn’t comply them repeatedly.

Lumina Social Media pages will not accept:

  • Copyright or intellectual property violations
  • Illegal activity or any statements that condone or endorse unlawful actions
  • Deceitful, misleading, or false statements
  • Offensive comments graphically or in tone
  • Libellous, profane, defamatory, disparaging, hateful, harassing, threatening, or obscene statements.
  • Spam or any information intended to cause technical disruptions to this page
  • Disrupt any local, state, federal, and/or international laws or regulations

For security purposes, do not include any personal or sensitive information on public posts. We will delete any posts that contain such information for your personal security.

By using or accessing Lumina’s social media pages, you also agree to comply with the terms and conditions of each platform which can be found in the following social media icons: