Fast-Growing Biotech Calls Lumina Home: Case Study

NEWS - 02 Dec 2021

Meet Cluster Biotechnology

Cluster Biotechnology partners with clients to test and commercialise organic and ‘clean tech’ innovations. Led by Founder and CEO, Dr Gustavo M. De Cerqueira and a passionate group of former scientists. Cluster Biotechnology is focussed on the ethical and sustainable application of microbiology technologies – using microscopic living organisms in a controlled manner for organic solutions in agriculture, waste, food and medicine.
Its special focus is in the field of probiotics – using live bacteria in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment and reduces costs within industry.

Cluster Biotechnology tests new ideas to develop commercially viable solutions

Cluster Biotechnology offers rapid scientific validation of biological products – the group conducts field trials and tests of their customers’ products, to expedite the solutions through licensing and commercialisation. In this way, Cluster Biotechnology helps ‘translate’ scientific ideas into commercial outcomes; turning great ideas into marketable products

Lumina Provided Facilities and Connections that Propelled Cluster Biotechnology’s Growth

Cluster Biotechnology relocated its headquarters to Cohort in 2019 to access larger, customised research labs and facilities, and to increase its visibility within the life sciences sector. Dr. De Cerqueira credits their relocation to the Precinct in helping attract investors, partners and collaborators, which in turn propelled their solutions to market faster.

The Promising Future of Probiotics in Advancing Human Health

From its HQ in Lumina, Cluster Biotechnology is paving the way for the discovery and commercialisation of new healthcare applications for probiotics and biological medicines.
Cluster Biotechnology assists its commercial partners through the specialised R&D, testing and commercialisation processes. They are now becoming a key provider for early-stage research to much larger biotech groups and pharmaceutical companies.

Cluster Biotechnology Highlights:

• Discovery of native microbial systems for applications in medicines and other industries
• Natural molecules from Australia and overseas being used to develop innovative medicines, treatment options and medical devices
• Probiotic ‘biofactories’ help grow new antioxidants and anti-virals
• Development of precision medicines and immune system therapies
• Innovations in medicinal cannabis
• Smart wound healing discoveries, slow-release medications and remote monitoring of healing.

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