Datarwe, A World-Leading Healthcare AI: Case Study

NEWS - 04 Feb 2022

Meet Datarwe

Datarwe was founded in 2019 to support a collaboration with government, healthcare providers and leading healthcare ecosystem partners in harnessing the power of clinical data.

The smart technology uses live patient data to unlock new insights for hospitals and health professionals during patient care. It also provides a platform of rich de-identified data for clinicians and researchers, and for testing new innovations in the health system.
The Platform is set for roll-out at 14 hospital sites within Queensland in coming years. There are also national and even international deployment opportunities in the pipeline. Most notably, the Datarwe team is working closely with MIT on their world’s largest critical database ‘MIMIC.’

What is AI in Healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are a group of ‘cognitive technologies’ that use data to create insights. They may replicate and extend our current abilities, and actually ‘learn’ – becoming even more precise over time. Some of the uses include:

• Advanced detection and diagnosis
• Identifying and analysing risks
• Predicting treatment outcomes
• Personalising treatments

The “Clinical Data Nexus” in Action

Datarwe’s precision medicine data platform, Clinical Data Nexus (CDN), helps medical researchers, clinicians and innovators to develop new diagnostic tools and treatment options for patients. The CDN captures
patient information from acute healthcare monitoring devices and medical records, then uses advanced tools to process the data.

This technology has been used at the Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) Intensive Care Unit, as a virtual dashboard of real-time patient information that helps doctors monitor, treat and plan resources for critically ill patients. The Dashboard is a key communication tool for hospital teams to visualise each patient’s clinical status and improvement or decline, as well as operational measures such as predicted discharge, bed availability and staffing.

Datarwe is also using AI systems with real-time heart monitors in the Intensive Care Unit. Beyond just diagnosing arrhythmias on an electrocardiogram (ECG), the intelligent system is also using the streams of ECG
data to predict outcomes for patients with traumatic brain injury. It has used the CDN to ‘learn’ from real data, and is currently undergoing validation.

Lumina is the Ideal HQ for HealthTech Innovators

The unique Lumina ecosystem and close proximity to core partners such as Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital was essential to supporting Datarwe’s rapid success since relocating its HQ to the Precinct in 2020.

The Datarwe team enjoys access to core facilities within Cohort, such as the purpose-built AI laboratory, meeting rooms, and flexibility to scale up and down. Dr Ross credits these benefits and the Precinct’s easily
accessible infrastructure as the main reasons for Datarwe’s HQ choice.

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