10 Australian Startups Announced for the 2023 LuminaX Health Accelerator

NEWS - 04 Apr 2023

LuminaX HealthTech Accelerator has announced its cohort of participating Australian startups for 2023, with the 14-week program set to kick-start on the Gold Coast in two weeks. Now in its third year, the program will provide comprehensive support to the successful applicants by taking founders through a rapid healthtech program aimed at accelerating growth and fast-tracking connections and customers.

In 2023 LuminaX will provide support to 10 startups alongside Major Partners the Queensland Government through Economic Development Queensland and Advance Queensland, and City of Gold Coast and Industry Partners Griffith University, Mater Hospital, Aginic Ventures, Queensland AI Hub, and IntelliHQ.

LX Health Director Dren Xerxa said this year the high-standard and variety of startups who applied had greatly exceeded expectations. “The quality of applications this year was very strong. Every Australian state was represented, which is evident that the growth of this industry is unstoppable, and the program is nationally recognised as a leading accelerator for healthtech startups” Mr Xerxa said.

This year LuminaX received more than 70 applications, with half of applications being received from outside Queensland and almost 10% from international countries. From the 20 startups that advanced through the competitive application and selection process, 11 were selected which includes 6 startups are from Queensland, 3 from New South Wales, and 2 from Victoria.
55% of successful applicants are female led startups.

Areas of focus include startups solving big problems in health through AI/ML, digital health, XR, foodtech, and medtech solutions.

The 2023 LuminaX Participants are: – a computer vision AI-powered platform that connects patients with dental providers to
facilitate virtual consultations, digital oral health check-ups, cosmetic consultations, orthodontic
assessments, and treatment monitoring.

OrthoDynamics – uses world-first technology to enable orthopaedic surgeons to virtually plan highly
personalised surgeries, providing them with 3D printed anatomical models and surgical guides to
assist in the operating theatre.

Templa – helps individuals overcome the challenges of staying motivated and visualizing their future
selves by using deepfake AI technology to simulate their future selves and provide a tangible vision of what they can become.

Thermal Armour – provides a cure for perioperative hypothermia, the most common serious adverse
surgical event in the world.

Mend – provide digital solutions to help people with chronic/ongoing health issues manage and
understand their health.

YourTrack – help to easily detect vulnerable children whose development is not on track, so they and
their families can get the support they need to reach their potential.

Vertical Health – Accelerating the search & discovery process for hospitals and nurses to ensure that
positions are filled with the most suitable candidate, and patients receive the highest quality care.

Wellifiy – a patient success platform that helps healthcare providers & patients stay connected,
engaged, informed, & on track through their care journey.

MedApps – is a site specific handbook for clinicians – supporting orientation, engagement, education and wellbeing.

Flintworks – a clinical grade Virtual Reality (VR) therapy platform for treatment-resistant mental
illnesses, starting with PTSD.

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