Proxima’s Vertical Health and Childcare Vision

NEWS - 10 Sep 2021

Lumina’s latest development, Proxima, is set to change the way early childhood services – including healthcare, research, diagnosis, treatment and early learning – are delivered on the Gold Coast and around the world.

We spoke to Proxima developers Matthew Evans and Dirk Long about changing perceptions in vertical health and childcare and what they hope to achieve with Proxima.

Let’s start with the basics. Vertical childcare is…?

Dirk: The future! As land becomes scarcer, and population density increases, we need to find new ways to provide childcare facilities in built-up areas. Vertical childcare simply means multi-level development as opposed to the traditional ground-level development.

Matthew: Having developed vertical childcare before, we know that the outcomes can be as good as, if not better than a traditional format. The location and overall vision of Lumina meant we could really think outside the box to create a facility that maximises the unique benefits of co-location and collaboration.

What is special about the Lumina site?

Dirk: Being just metres away from Griffith University, Gold Coast University Hospital and Gold Coast Private Hospital presents unique opportunities for businesses and service providers in the health and early childhood space. When the $80 million development is complete thousands of Queensland families will benefit from the dual level 200-place childcare centre and five levels of commercial space dedicated to collaborative practice in paediatric health.

What type of service providers will feature in the development?

Matthew: Proxima will attract businesses in the areas of paediatric health, allied health, research, diagnosis, treatment and care.

As the health sector looks to improve patient outcomes and provide more patient-centred approaches to care, it makes sense to bring services together under one roof.  When those services are for children who may require additional care and attention, it puts an even greater focus on making things easier for kids and more convenient for parents.

Tell us about your first tenant Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure

Dirk: Sanctuary have pioneered a new model for integrated childcare that incorporates a dedicated focus on disability and special needs. The founders Lauren and Damian Hall are passionate about helping kids and their parents through what can be really difficult times.

We share the same commitment to providing access to more streamlined and integrated services. The outcomes can be especially rewarding when the right help is available.

How did the Lumina site impact your design?

Matthew: In any development there is a need to balance indoor and outdoor spaces with functional fit outs. In Queensland it is especially important to design with the right aspect for our climate. Making sure kids and teachers would be comfortable all year round was a priority.

Dirk: The Proxima site features a three-street frontage. That provides great opportunities for cross ventilation and natural light. All external play areas are focused to the north over two podiums which will be able take full advantage of the breezes and views. The result will be pretty special and highly functional.

Do you expect to see more Proxima-style developments in the future?

Matthew: I think we will see more of this type of development in Australia and around the world. Having essential health and childcare services delivered together as part of a growing knowledge and technology precinct makes sense. When families, communities, businesses and service providers explore ways of working together, everyone benefits.

For leasing opportunities or to find out more about Proxima visit Proxima or contact Mark Dann on 0408 778 756 from Transact Property Group or Nick Selbie on 0423 414 495 from CBRE.

Proxima is the latest development from the Lumina hub inside the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. This incredible landmark will change the way the world approaches childhood health, research, diagnosis, treatment and early learning. It’s a unique Queensland project, and one we’re super-excited to introduce.

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