Building the Future of Health: LuminaX 2024 Introduces 11 Trailblazing Startups

NEWS - 09 Apr 2024

Lumina, the Queensland Government’s 9.5-hectare premium commercial cluster for health, tech and life sciences businesses within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, began its journey in 2018 with the repurposing of a State Government-owned building by Economic Development Queensland. This building, opened in 2019 in the heart of Lumina, became the Cohort Innovation Space (Cohort) and is now one of Australia’s most successful innovation and co-working space.

Cohort operates across three adjacent buildings and is dedicated to contributing to Australia’s startup growth by helping existing and aspiring founders with the delivery of several entrepreneurship and business development programs like the LuminaX HealthTech Accelerator (LX Health) program, now in its fourth year.  This initiative aims to diversify the Gold Coast’s economy, creating knowledge-based jobs, and fostering innovation.

With each year of Cohort’s operation, we are realising the vision to create a thriving commercial cluster of 50 high-growth start-ups in the HealthTech sector within Lumina.

This week, Cohort has announced its intake of participating Australian startups for the 2024 LX Health program. The 14-week program provides startups with comprehensive support, resources, and guidance to assist with commercialising and scaling up, with the vision to build globally successful companies. As part of the program, the startups receive mentorship and investment opportunities from clinicians and business experts that have significant industry experience. Since the 2023 LX Health program, the number of mentors increased by 30% providing more opportunities for the startups to thrive during the 2024 program.  

This year, the LX Health program will host 11 trailblazing startups, offering participants access to Major Partners Queensland Government through Economic Development Queensland, City of Gold Coast and Industry Partners QIC, Griffith University, Mater Hospital, Queensland AI Hub and IntelliHQ.

Medical devices and mental health and wellbeing will be key trends in this year’s program.  Discover the game changers in health, technology, and artificial intelligence participating in this year’s intake below:

The 2024 LuminaX HealthTech Accelerator program participants are:

3P Healthcare Pty Ltd – a low-cost, non-invasive platform that markedly improves cardiovascular risk assessment by focusing on root-cause issues, not just symptoms.

BeTuned – revolutionizes mental health care by blending evidence-based psychological therapies with immersive game mechanics, creating accessible and engaging therapeutic experiences.

BioSpine – a Griffith University-led research project providing a digitally enabled rehabilitation technology aimed at restoring movement and sensation in individuals with a spinal cord injury.

Dala Health – a platform designed to foster wellbeing, featuring a personal wellbeing coach in everyone’s pocket.

Umami – a nutrition planning and client management platform for health professionals.

IPCIUM – enables participants to adopt positive health behaviour’s and live longer, healthier, and more productive lives through a unique service offering.

Neo eX – a platform that delivers a common interface for the integration, gamification, and analytics of consumer wearables.

Bloody Good Tests – improves preventative healthcare by providing an innovative, convenient, and trusted blood testing service platform.

STAT – is creating a new healthcare funding source by harnessing the billion-dollar medical advertising market with purpose and technology.

Chatstat – an AI platform that proactively safeguards youth mental health through active monitoring and analysis of their public social media content.

Harmonic – a team culture tool to access dynamic insights on workstyles, psychological safety, work meaningfulness, and employee wellbeing.

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