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Unlock the Potential of Your New Space at Lumina Gold Coast

Imagine stepping into a space that perfectly reflects your vision and seamlessly supports your work. A space that inspires your team, fosters collaboration, and optimizes patient care, research breakthroughs, or tech innovation.

For healthcare specialists, research labs, and health tech companies, creating this ideal workspace goes beyond traditional office design. Part 3 | Fit-Out Formulas: Tailoring Your Space for Clinical, Research, and Office Needs – the final instalment of our Finding Your Ideal Space toolkit series – equips you with the knowledge to transform your dream into a reality that fuels your success.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll master the art of fit-out:

  • Know Your Fit-Out: Uncover what’s included (and not) in this stage, from flooring and lighting to specialist consultants.
  • Design for Impact: Discover the power of purposeful design to elevate patient care, staff well-being, and attract top talent.
  • Transform Your Space: Learn how to customize your “white box” into a dream space with flooring, walls, equipment, and more.
  • Meet Your Fit-Out Team: Get acquainted with the key players – designers, contractors, and specialists – who bring your vision to life.

But that’s just the beginning! We delve deeper, providing specific considerations for tailoring your space to the unique needs of:

  • Clinical healthcare practices: Learn about patient centred design, creating a safe and welcoming environment, designing for sustainability, changing technologies and specialised treatment areas.
  • Life science research organizations: Explore considerations for specialized lab environments, safety and security considerations, and fostering a collaborative research atmosphere.
  • Health and technology businesses: Discover how to create a vibrant yet functional office space that caters to highly skilled, mobile workforce, adapts to hybrid working arrangements and promotes innovation and employee productivity and well-being.

Download your free copy of Part 3 today and unlock the full potential of your new space at Lumina.

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P.S. By grabbing this guide, you’ll also unlock access to Parts 1 & 2 of our Finding Your Ideal Space toolkit, providing a comprehensive roadmap for your successful move from start to finish.

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